Let Us Tailor It Just
For You!


Since, we all have different choices and we sometimes would like to see some of our stuff, our memories come to life. Here, we give you an option to tailor as per your requirements. If you need a particular size, a particular fabric, a specific color etc. we are happy to make it for you. We will do any embroidery that you like or even taht you have doodles. Yes, we can bring your doodle to life with embroidery too. Here are some of our doodles and stress free color pages that we bought to life.


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Beautiful Hand Crafted


The embroidery project is about exploring different types of embroideries from around the world and providing customized embroideries of what people like, draw or color. When we started thinking about the embroidery project, since we were both passionate about this art, it clicked that we to need to give options to people to make things the way they like it, people are different and they like different things.


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