Currently, we are offering the following sizes in these embroidered portraits.

11 inch x 13 inch with 1-2 people for USD 99

12 inch x 16 inch with 1-2 people USD 149

16 inch x 16 inch with 1-2 people USD 199




  1. Email us your picture/ pictures at that you would like to get embroidered. You can also send us a couple of options also so that we can choose the one that would give the best results. Or you can fill the below form.


Let us bring your memories to life. Embroidering a picture seemed like a unique idea to us originally but we were not sure how we will do this and will it do justice to the original pictures. That is when we started working on it; we did a couple of samples which seemed more like caricatures. And then eventually, with a lot of practice we finally did work out procedure for bringing life to the pictures. Our in house embroider Mr. Malik played a significant role in making this work.

Here are some of the pictures that we embroidered and you can see the astounding results with their original image.


2. We will review the pictures and confirm back to you with a link to pay for the service.

3. Once the payment is processed, we start working on the picture and it takes about 2-3 weeks for us to embroider it. We can do rush orders too if required.

4. We will notify you once it is ready to be shipped. Shipping would generally take about 4-5 business days which is included in the price, however we are happy send via expedited shipping at an extra cost of $25.

For bigger family portrait and for more people in your portrait we are happy to send you a separate quotation. Please fill the form for that as well.


Please fill in the below form (Please don’t forget to attach the pictures)

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

Disclaimers: The picture size may depend on the original picture, if there is a change in size we will confirm with you. The size may differ by one inch on either side depending on the workmanship. This embroidery will be done on cotton cloth and the frame is not included.