Our Story!


The embroidery project is all about exploring different types of embroideries from around the world and providing customized embroideries of what people like, draw or color.  The embroidery project is very close to our heart since this is what got us to know each other better. Me and my sister are a generation apart, I mean literally a generation apart since she is almost 10 years younger to me and you can imagine how different our choices are. When we started thinking about the embroidery project since we were both passionate about this art, it clicked that we to need to give options to people to make things the way they like it since people are different and they like different things.


Embroidery is an art of expression for some, it is just a way to earn for some and it is passion for some. For me seeing all this beautiful work is like memories and compassion for the artist. I am no artist and far from that I am an Architect. I just like to design things, however don’t have any know how of the fabric but I do have experience in choosing what appeals to me and have been exposed to two diverse countries for at least a decade to understand that what appeals and applies to different people.  Being an MBA, working on a business plan, operating and marketing The Embroidery Project was something that I always envisioned.


That’s about me, but what about my sister. I mean never thought that she would up for this big step – leaving a decent paying job and starting her own. As she is the younger one, you always underestimate the talent and find deficiencies. But after working so closely with her in this project, it has changed my outlook towards her. She could be serious and get things done when they are needed to be done. We all need that push and that inner calling to make us work and stop being too laidback about everything. I think this is her calling, because I have not seen her work this passionately on something. About her education, she is actually the one qualified to do this work since did Master’s in Fashion Management and has worked in the ecommerce field. This is how we complement each other, she handles the fabric, product buying and I help in selection, marketing of the products.


With this project, we bring to you an assemble of some of our favorite things. We have designed some things that we like, reinvented some things from our childhood and finally curated them for you. We bring to you different types of fabric, embroideries from all over and we are still exploring and curating more and more as there is a world for us to still discover.


Enjoy Exploring and Shopping with us!