Freestyle Embroidery!


04 Apr Freestyle Embroidery!

The freestyle embroidery we have a small studio where we have two local embroiders working on various designs. They work on their small hand machines, they are the artists and the back bone of our work. It is quite an art to work on these hand sewing machines where they maneuver from color to color and turn to turn in the design. This is form of embroidery that we use for the custom products. They brought various doodles, designs and photos to life for us with their embroidering expertise. It takes from 2-5 days to finish one design depending on the details on each of them. Here are some samples embroidery’s that they did and they have taken around 5 working days to finish some of these. This art requires a lot patience, expertise and fine skill set to bring each design to life. Each piece is unique as it is hand crafted, there may be slight variations from piece to piece. We don’t do bulk production, every product made in our studio is distinctive or individually made in very small quantity.

The process requires them to first trace the design to the fabric and following which they prepare for embroidery, changing from color to color from stitch to stitch. After the product is ready, it is washed or dry cleaned before packaging it for sale. We have lot of these products on our website and we hope that you will like them.




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