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05 Jul Hand Woven Rugs & Carpets

Originated during Mughal Emperor Akbar in the 16th century, carpet weaving was known as Mughal carpets under the rule of Akbar, who was the mastermind behind the foundation of carpet weaving in India. The first carpet weaving center was established in Agra, Delhi and Lahore to facilitate Persian styled carpet production. These carpets were inspired by Kirman, Kashan, Isfahan and Herat.

Mughal carpets carried brightly colored and had 4224 knots per square inch. However, over the ages, there have been innovations and changes in the making of Rugs. Rugs are an integral part of homes. Many homes today are equipped with traditionally designed high-quality rugs having various designs over it. With the wide availability of rugs online, buyers now have better buying options. At The Embroidery Project, we deal with highly crafted and creatively designed rugs that will really uplift the value of your home.

Indian Rug Design:

Indian carpets are most technically skillful and crafted. Throughout the year, carpets have witnessed artistic designs and elegance. More and more artisans are working towards the creative output of carpets. Presently in India, there are 4 places where authentic handmade carpets are designed:


Since the 16th century, Agra has been the major hub of rug designing. The knotting rug technique used in Persian floor carpets, the technique which is also followed here. Agra’s ¬†rugs are of the finest quality woven by skilled workers. Due to their high quality, they are considered as desirable pieces.


Emperor Badshah was the one who introduced carpet-making art for Persians residing in Kashmir. Kashmiri floor carpets are handmade and knotted that goes for long years and are of high quality. Silk carpets made in Kashmir are exquisite and are the perfect for decorative hangings.


Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh is the largest carpet weaving belt in India. Known for its unique colors and designs, Mirzapur carpets come with authentic patterns. These carpets and rugs carry tribal motifs and wisely define the Indian artisan quality work.


Carpets made in Rajasthan are of fine quality made with hand-knotted woolen fibers. Jaipur, Ajmer and Bikaner are considered as the main centres of handcrafted carpets. One can find vibrant and lively carpets that can be used for home decor.

Carpet weaving in India has flourished widely, and one can buy carpets online. Assorted according to the colours and unique designs, carpets can really define your home decor. With the advancement in machinery and technology, carpet weaving can be designed uniquely and in a faster process.

At The Embroidery Project, you will find hand woven rugs from Bhuj, India; these products are hand woven and sourced directly from the weaver. Buyers can also customize the products as per requirement of fabric, colour and size. So why not create the best handcrafted item that will surely give a new look to your home.


Offwhite Hand Woven Rug in Blue and Maroon Strips

Offwhite Hand Woven Rug in Blue


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