16 May Kantha: Traditional Embroidery with Global Touch






Embroidery is a traditional art of decorating portions within a fabric such as a design, motif, a border section or some other is known as decorative needlework or embroidery. There are some forms which are excellent and then there are a few which are exemplary. For not only is it the outcome, but also the complexity of the task and its time-consuming achievement, which makes the embroidery, unique and inspirational. Out of all unique embroideries, Kantha is one of the most inspirational and widely used embroidery.

The original craft is about layering worn clothes and binding them a simple running stitch. This work is a form of recycling used clothes, fabric etc. This work originally was born in East Bengal and Bihar where they patched textile made entirely of the used cloth. Even the thread used to embroider was from the borders of old and used clothing. It is amazing how the people in olden times knew the importance of recycling the products that we strive so hard to do now. This kantha quilting is very beautiful form of quilting based on a simple running stitch but it can have variations in complexity with which it is done. Even though the work is a simple running stitch, one quilt may require about a month to make. This 500 year old embroidery is used especially on scarfs, clothing and quilts with different level of intricacies.

There are different types of stitches used in Kantha storming the fashion industry. Amongst all the stitches 7 stitches are widely used, which are:

  • Lep Kantha: This stitch is used especially for warm and padded quilts.
  • Sujani Kantha: Sujani Kantha stitch is an intricate stitch that gives the attractive look and is used to make bed covers for ceremonial occasions.
  • Baiton Kantha: Baiton stitch is used on covers which are meant for wrapping books and precious items.
  • Oaar Kantha: This stitch is used as embroidery on pillow covers.
  • Archilata Kantha: This is a royal and colourful stitch used for covering mirrors. You will find different coloured motifs and borders made using Archilata stitch.
  • Durjani Kantha: This one is made up of small pieces which are used in the embroidery of the insides of the wallet.
  • Rumal Kantha: This is the last stitch famous out of many stitches used in Kantha and is used in covering the plates. The best part of the stitch is that it comes with a lotus motif in the center.

Kantha embroidery is famous as Indo-western embroidery. People from all around the world use various products made using Kantha embroidery. The embroidery is the perfect blend of fashion and tradition. With increasing modernization, the designers are playing with different motifs, fabrics, products like cave art, Egyptian murals, and pop art. Today this art is so popular that designers from all around the world are designing variety of products using this type of embroidery.


Red and Yellow Patch Work Stole Double Sided


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