Soof: The Fine Hand Embroidery Work

10 Jul Soof: The Fine Hand Embroidery Work






Soof Embroidery

Soof Embroidery is the unique and distinct counted thread style embroidery made using one type of stitch. Also called as “neat and clean” thread, the artwork belongs to Sodha, Rajput and Megwar communities. This very fine embroidery work is followed since ages, it needs a lot of time and focus to make one small piece of fabric.

So far, there have been many innovations to make it as the most intriguing craft work in recent times. Originated from the soil of Gujarat, the patterns used are not pre-drawn which allows the artisans to develop elegant patterns of Soof Embroidery. The entire embroidery work is done by counting of warp and weft threads. There is no reference on the fabric so the artisans have to use their skill and imagination to bring out the best.

The Beginning of Embroidery:

Made by Sodha women of Sodha community who migrated from Pakistan border during 1971 conflict, it was the beginning of the soof embroidery. The community is settled in Kutch district of Gujarat at Zura village. Apart from Soof, the women also make Pako and Nain embroidery.

Creating Intrinsic Design:

Just as the name suggests of clean and neat work, Soof Embroidery is designed using intricate geometrical designs. From all designs, Chevron design is the widely used and has clear predominance. Fine, single- colour threads are the main ingredients that make up this embroidery work. The stitches that appear on the face are usually centimetre long. These stitches give embroidery a geometric effect.

Creativity has played a major role in spreading this artwork, as most of the motifs are worked with in triangle form. Moreover, bright and contrasting colours of thread give this embroidery a lively appearance.

Soof embroidery work includes rhythmic patterns like peacocks, mandalas and others. The embroidery work is largely used in making garments, bedspreads, quilts, cradle clothes and other home goods.

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