The Kutch Embroidery!!

19 Apr The Kutch Embroidery!!



The Kutch Embroidery!!

Gujarat is all about vibrant colors, be it cloth, festivals and decorated camels. The exhilarating dance forms, decorated camels and the great Rann of Kutch are the features that make Gujarat a vibrant one. But there is more that makes Gujarat a vibrant state of India, the embroidery work that is rooted centuries back. In fact, it is the biggest contributor of colorful embroidery work. The embroidery of Kutch belongs to different communities having a unique style, different motifs and patterns giving a visual identity.

Some of the well-known embroidery works are Khaarek, Suf and Rabari. Each gives a distinct picture of Kutch region. It is the signature art tradition carried by a tribal community of the Kutch region of Gujarat. Done on cotton fabric using silk threads, each carries a certain pattern and stitching types like Square Chain, Double Buttonhole, Pattern Darning, Running Stitch and Straight Stitches. At The Embroidery Project, we’re proud to offer you with some of the most distinct of art done using Embroidery of Kutch that will surely please your eyes and quality requirement.

History of Kutch Embroidery:

According to Historians, the Kutch embroidery was created by “Kathi” community, who’re also the cattle breeders. It is also believed that shoemakers were also taught about embroidery work by Muslim saints of Sindh.

Wide Spread of Craftwork:

The embroidery work of Kutch isn’t limited to traditional clothes, but also to garments like wall hangings, toran, bed covers, and bag and camel decorations. One of the finest embroideries is the Mirror work, which was originated with the use of naturally occurring mica. For centuries, women have been stitching garments using embroidery work with the combination of beautiful contrasting colours. Women who work over this embroidery design have mastered themselves with the skill of the right color and compositions.

Style and Variety:

Presently, there are namely 16 different styles of Kutch embroidery work:

  • Suf: Based on the triangle, Suf is counted on the wrap and weft of the cloth. Artisans working on this style never draw designs on paper, instead stitch it. There are immense detailing and fillings that make suf
  • Khaarek: This geometric style artisan work is done using geometric patterns having a black square outline.
  • Paako: Paako means solid and is a tight square chain and double buttonhole stitch embroidery. It comes with floral designed motifs having symmetric patterns.
  • Rabari: It has mirrors with different shapes and patterns in chain stitch. Rabari is then decorated with a sequence of stitches using vibrant colours.
  • Jat: Derived from Garasia Jats, this style is majorly stitched by Garasi women and is based on cross stitch studded fabric.
  • Mutava: This style is made by a small group of Muslim herders having exquisite stitching experience and is the blend of local styles.

Other styles are- Gotauvn, Kambira, Neran, Ahir, Aari and others.

The Global Presence:

Kutch Embroidery work has gained popularity since its inception. The constant flow of designs has made cloth manufacturers, and home decor items makers use this embroidery to create an appealing look. It can now be seen in merchandise like waistcoats, purses, bags, cushions, clothing and various other items. At The Embroidery Project, you will find amazing craft work made using Kutch Embroidery art. We get our Kutch embroidery work is done directly fromĀ our local embroiders living in the remote areas of Kutch and from an NGO which works to help artisans.

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